Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack 1.12/1.11.2


Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack 1.12 Overview

Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack 1.12 and 1.11.2 is perfect for players who want HD visuals and have the equipment to run it. While other resource packs promise high definition graphics, what Cyberghostde’s HD did was combine a variety of textures from other packs. With the permission of other developers, this resource pack integrates the textures from other HD packs as well. The base textures came from Psience Pack. The textures for other elements such as logs, dirt, grass, bed and leaves were taken from LB Photo Realism. Other packs used include Synthetic Reality, Bumpmaft, and UnrealCraft.

Cyberghostde's HD Resource Pack

With textures collected from some of the best realistic resource packs available, The Cybergostde’s HD Resource Pack is able to deliver cleaner graphics that are a far cry from the blocky and cartoony default. What you get are incredibly detailed textures for almost everything and anything in the game. From a rounder sun and moon to amazing terrains and vegetation, this pack certainly delivers quite an impressive amount of highly detailed visuals. The vibrant colors used coupled with the clever lighting effects deliver phenomenal graphics that makes playing the game a lot more enjoyable.

Cyberghostde's HD Resource Pack

Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack operates on a 256×256 resolution by default. This, along with the shader packs that it was designed to be compatible with, produces incredible textures that are as realistic and spontaneously vibrant. But what makes this even better is that it is also available in lower resolutions like 64×64. This is good news for players who have average equipment to run the pack. However, running it in a lower resolution option wouldn’t give you the graphics that are not as amazing as those in the 256x default. So if you want to get the best results, you will need to upgrade to a beefier PC with higher specs as Cyberghostde’s HD also needs Optifine or MCPatcher installed.

Cyberghostde's HD Resource Pack

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