Default Improved Resource Pack 1.12/1.11.2


Default Improved Resource Pack 1.12 Overview

Default Improved Resource Pack 1.12 and 1.11.2 is a pack that delivers exactly what its name says it does. Its developer, Topfpflanze, decided to create this resource pack to get the type of texture that he wants in the game. The developer is a huge fan of Vanilla but just found that the faithful resource packs available are outdated and insufficient. So, to fix this, he came up with a pack that has Specular and Normal maps that work well with shaders. The Default Improved Pack scaled default textures so that you get the classic feel of the game. The only difference is that it is now available in 64×64 resolution.

Default Improved Resource Pack

With Default Improved Resource Pack, you get more detailed textures but these enhancements don’t really “jump out” at you. In a regular distance rendering, the improved textures won’t even be noticeable. But the minute you zoom in, you’ll be able to appreciate what the pack delivers. And this is what makes it such an impressive faithful resource pack. You get the enhancements but still have the classic Minecraft look. So what Default Improved really does is bringing you the best of both worlds. It has the feel of the sandbox game with enhanced textures.

Default Improved Resource Pack

This resource pack brings cleaner and smoother textures. It operates on a 64×64 resolution which is a bit higher than the game’s default of 16×16. It delivers cleaner and smoother textures that don’t get in the way because even with the pack’s implements, the graphics still stays true to the game’s look. What you get is something certainly better but by no means different from what you already love. So, if you want the same thing that the pack’s creator wanted – the world of Minecraft in a fresher appearance, then Default Improved is just what you’re looking for.

Default Improved Resource Pack

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