Traditional Beauty Resource Pack 1.12/1.11.2


Traditional Beauty Resource Pack 1.12 Overview

Traditional Beauty Resource Pack 1.12 and 1.11.2 delivers exactly what its name suggests. It is resource pack that’s perfect for players who want to get better and more beautiful graphics without losing the traditional look of Minecraft. With more and more developers producing packs for the sandbox game, it can get quite difficult to find one that focuses more on enhancement rather than completely overhauling the graphics and adding more elements. And this is what Traditional Beauty delivers to the game. It offers incredible textures that don’t reinvent the classic feel of Minecraft that you used to love.

Traditional Beauty Resource Pack

Traditional Beauty is the perfect mod for players who feel nostalgic about the old school iconic look of this classic sandbox game. And despite the improvements done, the textures still feel like Minecraft. What the pack does is to literally make the graphics of the game more visually appealing. While the elements keep their classic appeal, Traditional Beauty makes them pop out a little more. This is because the enhanced textures make the blocks and items appear three dimensional. The graphics are a lot sharper than default so what you get are sleeker looking visuals that make the gameplay more interesting and entertaining.

Traditional Beauty Resource Pack

This resource pack works on a 64×64 resolution which is a lot higher than the usual default of 16×16. And like what’s mentioned, the enhancement still retains the graphics that has made Minecraft a household name. So with Traditional Beauty installed in the pack, you’ll be treated to default visuals that are boosted and leveled up. It’s like a fairy waved a wand over the game and made your dreams come true. So, if you’re looking for a way to just enhance the graphics of the game without overhauling and transforming everything, then this is the faithful resource pack for you.

Traditional Beauty Resource Pack

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